The Academy of St Martin in the Fields, conducted by Terje Mikkelsen, has recorded four works by Keith Emerson in Abbey Road Studio No. 1. The album will be released on what would have been Keith Emerson’s 74th birthday November 2, 2018. This legendary performer – who became known all over the through the band Emerson, Lake & Palmer – is also a serious classical composer, interpreted by one of the top orchestras of England.

Keith Emerson is the man who brought composers like Mussorgsky, Sibelius, Bach, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky into rock music, at a time when this had never been done before. His open and inspired attitude toward classical music in the 1970s was a revelation for many rock fans. Nearly 50 years later, the time has come for Emerson’s own classical works to be performed by the outstanding Academy of St Martin in the Fields.

Conductor Mikkelsen has collaborated with Emerson on several occasions since 2006, including the Three Fates Project in 2011-12 and the Barbican concert in July 2015. He also participated in the Keith Emerson tribute concert in Los Angeles in May 2016, and conducted the memorial concert in Birmingham in July 2017.

Keyboard phenomenon Rachel Flowers features as piano soloist in a ferocious reading of ’Toccata con Fuoco’ from the Piano Concerto. A special contribution comes from Keith’s grandson; 13-year old Ethan Emerson, in the beautiful ’The Dreamer’ for piano and strings.

Side A of the album was recorded at Abbey Road Studio No. 1, in eternal gratitude and respect for the musical legacy of Keith Emerson.

This album is released by Norwegian record company Grappa Musikkforlag on the label Simax Classics.


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